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Asking for Feedback signifies weakness - Managers fail when they ignore this aspect

Many times I have heard or observed that potential leaders do not really make it and end up cursing either their Bosses or the lack of opportunities given to them .

But is it the real reason?

I have also observed that many Employees on hindsight say “My Last Boss was very tough and I had a very bad time with him but given a chance I would still like to go and work him, because I learnt so much from him”.

So what exactly is the problem? Where did he mess up ? Which forces played a pivotal role? External or Internal?

My take is:

· Feedback is usually Small: The Crucial Aspect of a high potential leader is that he should constantly seek feedback . The feedback is not 10000 words but is usually just a few lines..

· Oprah Winfrey Example: Let me explain it further , during a Oprah Winfrey Show who is credited for having interviewed the maximum no of celebrities than anyone else and it is considered a matter of honour to be invited on stage. Now Oprah Winfrey had interviewed so many of them but on asked by someone as to, what was common in each Interview she immediately remarked, that all of them, after the show was over had one common question. , ‘How did it go?’ including one of the world’s most prolific public speaker Mr Barack Obama.

· Swallow your Ego: To seek a feedback – one has to swallow your ego, and set it aside . The feedback can be just a few lines, a feedback needs to be something in which you can relate to, it has to be constructive hence search for such people , don’t be shy to ask for feedback. Believe you in me, there is no greater joy than improving your self.

· Recognise Blind Spots & self Awareness: Asking for feedback can give leaders insight into their blind spots, ensuring greater self awareness & a deeper understanding on how to improve your performance. The more senior a person is , the more important it is for you to ask for feedback because people don’t tend to offer it you freely.

· More Examples:We have also seen several Questionaires from Call Centres , mail surveys asking for feedback . Needless to add the purpose is purely to seek improvement measures.

High Potential Leaders – focus more on growth rather than sitting on own egos and they do not mistake it for criticism . It helps them to formulate strategies by taking informed decisions .

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