• Tarun Srivastava

Who on Earth is a Coach?

Stumped - Have you ever felt like this ? When you are caught outside your crease in your most important Match

Nonplussed - Have you ever felt like this esp when you are beaten by a beauty of a ball.

Wet Pitch : Have you ever found yourself in the midst of a wet pitch? where you are not able to perform to your best?

Sledging Impact: Have you ever been impacted by sledging? Eg Inzaman Ul Haque or the French Soccer Player Zidane who lost his cool in the World Cup Soccer Match.

If you have ever been in this kind of a situation - can you think what happened in your mind? Did you find yourself in a fix or on hindsight thought had you done some kind of specialised working on the unexpected, you could have outshone?

Remember Sachin Tendulkar's first match when he was hit on the nose by a Paki Fast bowler. And instead of retiring hurt he came back to bat successfully and spoke the famous words "Ham khelega"(I will play).

What do you think was the difference between Sachin and Inzy or Zidane? Think, Think and Think. In all likelihood it was the mind of Sachin which was tuned to face such adversities by someone and that someone was none other than Sri Ramakant Achrekar . Ramakant Achraker was his Coach and many a times Sachin has acknowledged that had it not been "Achrekar Sir" he would have never reached the pinnacle of glory .

Michael Jordan: Much of his success is owed to his Coach . "You should be embarrassed by the way you played: were the words of his Coach which brought MJ to tears but gave him the fire in his belly to perform a miraculous feat in the Olympics .

Enough of Sports - Coming to the Corporate world who has not heard of Eric Schmidt. On several occasions and in public statement too Eric has shown his regard for his Coach Bill Campbell who had according to him, a magical power of observation . Eric was so much influenced that he also wrote a book : 'The Trillion Dollar Coach' . Strongly recommended for reading

So what exactly does the Coach do? Any why should I hire one? I am Doing and earning well & I know my future . And above all how the hell will an unknown person be able to read me and guide my professional or personal life . I don't like being judged and frankly its all a waste of time and money .

Let's face it guys - this is exactly what goes around and around in our minds as soon as the word "Coaching"Pops up esp in the Corporate and Personal lives . Since in sports or in Gyms having a Coach is considered acceptable.

Let's define the Job Profile of a Coach : Suggest to read at least twice or thrice and understand its deeper meaning:

Coaching focusses on helping your client learn in ways that let him or her keep growing within their career. It is based on asking and providing guidance rather than telling, provoking thought rather than giving directions & on holding his client accountable for his goals"

Coaches to avoid the following:

(1) Don't answer the question "What should I do?"

(2) No Mentoring/ No Telling

(3) Never look disengaged as if you are not listening

(4) No Judging the Client

(5) Never assume or at any point of time ever sound presumptous.

(6) Never, never discuss about other clients - Must respect their privacy and confidentiality

(7) Don't be lacklustre or at any point of time or exhibit a lazy body language

(8) Don't focus solely on result but on the pathway to reach the goal

(9) Don't ever try to dominate

(10) Don't get too personal - Respect their personal space

I do hope that you will find this of some interest and shall be indebted for any feedback

Best Wishes and Happy Independence Day

14th Aug. 2020

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